Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I know sometimes death is a morbid topic, especially when you aren't focusing on an eternity of praising the Lord. Well, recently my husband and I when on a trip to New York City (which happens to be an amusing story for another time), and since we were both going and leaving Aliyah with my parents, we had to think about what to do in the event that we both die in a car accident or something.

Once we had Aliyah's well-being decided, which was SO hard to think about, we were on our way! And maybe because I had just been thinking about death, (not a topic that is usually on my mind...) I started to think about the things I would miss out on if I was called away from this Earth! It may have been the rolling hills and beautiful forests of Pennsylvania that started me thinking of my list.

1. I would miss out on growing old with my beautiful husband.
2. I would miss out on all of the amazing events, and little happenings in my daughter's life:(
3. There are soooo many books I've never read!
4. There are so many amazing places I've never been!!!

I know that once I have entered eternity, these are things I won't even think about, but why does it make me so sad to think about them now??

What earthly desires would YOU miss??


  1. I do think of this often & not because I am morbid. We have already decided & ok'd who would take them but isn't legally written. We will be taking a trip next year without our kids which we found out about 2 days ago that has been heavily on my mind...we need to get this done legally! Yes, I want my kids to be raised by loving people & can house them & be able to take care of all thief needs but most importantly I want them to grow up in a home where God is evident in their lives & is first place. The people we have picked out we feel best fit what we desire for them. But unless done legally who knows where they would end up.
    1. I would miss early morning walks with my hubby talking about our dreams & our "worries".
    2. I, too, would muss out on growing old with my hubby experiencing the teen years, empty nest years & being grandparents...
    3. I would miss out on being there for my kids. :( I'm 34 yes old & I still call my mom for advice & I still love listening to the wise council of my daddy! This breaks my heart so I will stop there.
    4. On a sillier note-COFFEE!
    Like you said, this will probably won't think of these things once we experience heaven. It's always hard for the one left behind. My hubby & I always say let's make sure we all die together so no one suffers. Silly & unlikely but that sure would make it easier!

  2. It sounds like you really have thought about this, Lesleigh! It does sound like a great plan, to die all together...if only!! :) I can't BELIEVE I forgot to mention COFFEE!!!!!! Surely there will be coffee in heaven...:)