Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date Night Gobblet

Recently on Pinterest I have found a couple sites with ideas for dates with my Hubby!  A couple just had lists, but one had a really cute mason jar with color coded sticks with dates on them.  Mine is not nearly as cute because I was at the dollar store and all I could find were these really bright popcicle sticks, and they weren't tall enough for a mason jar, so I had to use a gobblet instead.

I borrowed and stole ideas and threw in some of my own that I knew we would enjoy.  Below are the categories and dates for each!

Blue sticks: $150-$500 dates that we will have to save for
*  Couples Massage
*  Sports game: Good seats and the works!
*  Weekend away
*  Fancy Restaurant
*  Bed & Breakfast

Yellow Sticks: Cheaper or Free out-of-the-house dates
*  Tour Detroit
*  Dessert only at a nice restaurant
*  Mexican...Shannon's favorite
*  Scenic Drive...Get out of the suburbs
*  Go to a movie...Amazing how little we do this!
*  Bowling
*  Volunteer Somewhere
*  Coffee House
*  Window Shop...Maybe buy a little something
*  Museum
*  Take a hike

Red Sticks:  Cheap or free stay-at-home dates
*  Livingroom campout
*  Picnic...outside or in the living room
*  TV show marathon
*  Game on TV and make superbowl snacks
Chopped Challenge...I was thinking we could make a basket for each other, but we have to have a
    meat, a grain, a veggie, and something else...should be interesting!
*  Write a bucket list and discuss how you can make some of them come true
*  Hell's Kitchen taste test...You know, when the chef's are blind folded? may require a trip to the
    grocery store to get some interesting things
*  Play PS3 games...I'm not good, but he can teach me!
Chick flick...obviously this is for me
*  Make pizza together
*  Spa night...Mani-Pedi and massages
*  Creepy Movie...Shannon loves zombie movies, gack!
*  Make a fancy dessert together
20 Questions to learn even more about each other
*  Break out the board games.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stuff may seem as though I have fallen off the earth. I swear I haven't, but I'm pretty sure my brain has! I've become crazed with things to do, people to have over, books to read, holidays, birthdays, my 975 pinterest ideas, and so on and so on!!!

Anyone else in this boat to the looney bin? Is it just spring?? Am I the only one?

I've also decided to start another blog too! This one will be focused on Family Ethnic Food Night...Yay!!! Our little family is going to start in the European country of Lithuania (my hubby's choice...weird, right?) we are researching and cooking foods from there! We'll develope it as we excited. I figure, if I can't travel right now, I want to simulate the experience!! I'll post the blog once it's up so you can check it out if you're interested:)

Hunger Games...Hello! Love. One of my recent obsessions. Just saw the Movie Friday with my niece and her best friend. Awesome time!!!

Housekeeping: okay,(pinterest ideas) so I tried baking soda and vinegar on my stove plates, but I'm pretty sure it was the elbow grease that got them shiny again. Rubbing walnuts on scratched furniture doesn't work if all your furniture is espresso colored...

However, I have tried many recipes and fun ideas for Aliyah, all awesome!!

Im not sure how this works, but if you'd like to follow me, my pinterest name is Christy King or sdcrking????