Monday, January 16, 2012

New Home!!!

Here it is!  The house was built in the early 1950's.  It has some unique aspects, such as sliding doors everywhere, a giant cement sink in the laundry room, and a car port!  I swear someone could film a period piece in our neighborhood.  We may not stay here forever, but we are so happy and feel so safe here.  Sooooo thankful:)

I've been taking pictures at random times.  Some from before we moved anything in, some before and after paint, some with Christmas decorations, etc.  We still have so much cosmetic work to do.  The entire house was painted dark brown.  I mean, besides that Aliyah's room was white and the den/extra room was a yellowish, the ENTIRE house...front room, kitchen, bathrooms, and master bedroom.  I am still not finished painting, and we have more windows and wall space here, so we are a work in progress.

Front Porch

Back Yard...Needs some work! (Starring my nephew!)

Front Room and Dinning Room (Starring Buster)

Kitchen (Some before and some in process!)

Notice the brown walls...a kitchen should be light and airy

Here's the kitchen table area.  I've painted and started decorating

the most exciting part...the pantry!!!!

Master bath, before and after paint...Definately needs some decore

Master bedroom...Have barely done anything yet, but I'm planning on making it a beautiful romantic haven for us!  Check out the our previous house, we had literally only a fourth.  Shannon takes up 1 and a half closets, and he still needs more room!

Linen Closet in hall

Undefined room at the moment

Aliyah's Room (Hahaha! Apparently I have no pics of her beautiful pink room on my computer, so here's a little smile instead:))

Basement...lots to imagine...scrapbooking center, man cave, play room...

There you are, a little tour...I wish I could see all your homes!!! Get some ideas!!!

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