Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Groceries for the month

Wow! It's been an entire YEAR since I have posted. How terribly sad!  I don't know what my excuse is...maybe that I am now watching five children (3 infants and 2 toddlers!) plus doing preschool work with my daughter. It's a lot, but I'm loving it!

So, I tried this idea I found on Pinterest: getting all your grocery shopping done at once for the entire month!  And I actually did trip to Costco and one trip to Kroger. The only things I ran out of by the last week of March, were fruit and milk!  And for this busy Momma, not having to go grocery shopping every week was a real blessing:)

This is what I did:
1.) Went through all of my Pinterest recipes I've been wanting to try and make a list of about 25 dinners.
2.) I made a list of all the groceries I needed for those recipes, including items for lunches, breakfast, beverages and snacks.
3.) I plugged in the items from my list to this awesome app "shopping list" on my iPhone.
4.) Took a big trip to Costco. I had to go to Kroger the next day because I ran out of time.
5.) Put my crazy load of groceries away!!

Some tips I found useful:

1.) Split up your meat and cheese before you freeze it.
2.) apples and oranges will last all month, as will pears if you keep them in the fridge, so use any berries or bananas first, then grapes.
3.) Milk does freeze and thaw out perfectly! I was really skeptical about this!!! I also bought unsweetened, non refrigerated almond milk.
4.) you will need a separate freezer.
5.) you may need to rearrange your budget for this rather expensive trip!

I know it takes some prep time, but it made my whole month so much smoother. I had tons of recipes to choose from, plus all the ingredients on hand:)

Let me know if I skimmed over something or if you want more info