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Making a monthly menu has been a major time saver for me.  For one, I only need to grocery shop twice a month instead of running out to buy whatever I need for dinner every other day!  Second, I get out what I need the night before so I don't have to dig through the pantry or try to thaw meat out right before cooking, when I am already pretty exhausted from work! Here are my menus for April and May, if you'd like to see how simple it can be!

May Menu
April Menu

Until last week I was running myself ragged working out of the home Monday through Thursday, trying to keep the house tidy, spend time with my husband and daughter, dinner, dishes, and laundry, and maybe take a shower...Then came the weekend, where I tried to cram in every chore that I didn't get to during the week, and squeeze in time with family and friends.  I was constantly tired, stressed, and feeling major underachievement.  After meeting with a friend of mine, I made a daily schedule for the days I work and a chore calendar.  I am still getting used to them and revamping them, but I thought I'd share!

Weekly Schedule (Combined Daily & Chore)

Daily Schedule

April Chore Schedule

Organize your Kitchen in 5 Hours

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