Thursday, March 29, 2012

Date Night Gobblet

Recently on Pinterest I have found a couple sites with ideas for dates with my Hubby!  A couple just had lists, but one had a really cute mason jar with color coded sticks with dates on them.  Mine is not nearly as cute because I was at the dollar store and all I could find were these really bright popcicle sticks, and they weren't tall enough for a mason jar, so I had to use a gobblet instead.

I borrowed and stole ideas and threw in some of my own that I knew we would enjoy.  Below are the categories and dates for each!

Blue sticks: $150-$500 dates that we will have to save for
*  Couples Massage
*  Sports game: Good seats and the works!
*  Weekend away
*  Fancy Restaurant
*  Bed & Breakfast

Yellow Sticks: Cheaper or Free out-of-the-house dates
*  Tour Detroit
*  Dessert only at a nice restaurant
*  Mexican...Shannon's favorite
*  Scenic Drive...Get out of the suburbs
*  Go to a movie...Amazing how little we do this!
*  Bowling
*  Volunteer Somewhere
*  Coffee House
*  Window Shop...Maybe buy a little something
*  Museum
*  Take a hike

Red Sticks:  Cheap or free stay-at-home dates
*  Livingroom campout
*  Picnic...outside or in the living room
*  TV show marathon
*  Game on TV and make superbowl snacks
Chopped Challenge...I was thinking we could make a basket for each other, but we have to have a
    meat, a grain, a veggie, and something else...should be interesting!
*  Write a bucket list and discuss how you can make some of them come true
*  Hell's Kitchen taste test...You know, when the chef's are blind folded? may require a trip to the
    grocery store to get some interesting things
*  Play PS3 games...I'm not good, but he can teach me!
Chick flick...obviously this is for me
*  Make pizza together
*  Spa night...Mani-Pedi and massages
*  Creepy Movie...Shannon loves zombie movies, gack!
*  Make a fancy dessert together
20 Questions to learn even more about each other
*  Break out the board games.

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  1. love it. great ideas. we should do this - we only go on about 2 dates a year, and even those are hard to come by!